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Microlife Cuff (3G)(size S)(17cm-22cm)
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  • Size in circumference :
  • 17-22cm (S)
  • 22-42 cm (M-L)
  • 32-52 cm (XL)
  • Microlife cuffs are available both in soft and rigid models. The cuffs are equipped with color-coded connectors to be used with all 3rd Generation Microlife blood pressure monitors.
  • Size in circumference :
  • 17-22cm (S)
  • 22-42 cm (M-L)
  • 32-52 cm (XL)
  • The conical shape provides a better fitting and accuracy. Microlife wide range cuffs are available in soft and rigid preformed structure. All Microlife cuffs are validated in specific clinical studies.
  • Microlife Cuff are «latex free to avoid any latex allergy problems. The innovative TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic bladder has replaced the traditional latex bladder. These TPU bladders provide a better durability than latex and PVC.
  • Each Microlife cuff has a uniquely coded connector with integrated calibrated valve, that guarantees optimal deflation speed.
  • Yellow connector for yellow cuff connectors
  • What's in the box : 1xMicrolife BP Monitor Cuff
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What's in the box

1 X Microlife BP Monitor Cuff